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Roofing Tops is an affordable and trustworthy roofing service provider in Philadelphia.

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Welcome to RoofingTops.com - Roofing Philadelphia

When most people search "Roofing Company Philadelphia", they expect the results to be trustworthy and reliable. That is why Roofing Tops is the top choice for the residents of Philadelphia. We provide high-quality roofing services while giving priority to your preferences. Our committed team of expert professionals is well-equipped to perform a detailed analysis of your roof. They will identify any harm the climate, time, or other factors might cause. As a result, we are capable of proficiently installing a new roof over your house or repairing your current roof. We give primary attention to factors such as longevity, functionality, and aesthetics. Roofing Philadelphia houses need to be of top-notch quality; it is to ensure the safety and beauty of our city. Roofing Tops aims to do just that.


Our Top Services

roofing contractor

Roofing Company Philadelphia

Do you only give attention to your roof when it has physical damages? It may be convenient for you. However, it’s incredibly crucial to be kind to the roof by inspecting and maintaining it regularly to avoid mishaps and high bills. Besides, if you require roof replacement or repair, our experts are here to help you out with our bestselling services

copper roof repair

Copper roof repair specialists Philadelphia

Homeowners have trusted copper as a roofing material for many years. From Romans to the citizens of the United States, all have loved the durability and design of copper roofs. We believe that copper is a suitable option for your roof because it can withstand the weight of snow accumulation. Moreover, being a premium material, it has an impressive lifespan of 60 to 100 years of remarkable lifespan. Therefore, our experts ensure to install them accurately to maintain their health and stability.

solar roofer

Solar roofers Philadelphia

Do you want a roof to look good and be energy-efficient? Solar roofs can decrease your electricity expenses and increase the resale value by producing energy from the average amount of sun rays. Besides, solar tiles are prevalent in your city as they effectively mimic asphalt shingles. Our roofers encourage the customers to be environmentally conscious and make the right decision. Moreover, Roofing Philadelphia buildings can be used efficiently to harness solar energy.

cedar roofing expert

Cedar roofing experts Philadelphia

Roofers have been installing cedar roofs for 100 years because of the material’s popularity amongst homeowners. Cedar roof is a premium roof made out of natural wood i.e. cedar that lasts for 30 to 50 years. Besides their impressive lifespan, cedar makes the roof durable, aesthetic and provides insulation in all weathers. We make sure to install the shingles carefully so that the roof can effectively resist moisture, UV rays, wind, and insect damage. If you are searching "Roofing Company Philadelphia", you'd expect them to install a cedar roof perfectly. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that.

slate roof restoring

Slate roof restoration professionals Philadelphia

Slate has taken its prominent place since it was produced on a large scale in the second half of the 19th century. It’s one of the top chosen materials of the homeowners because of the mouth-dropping lifespan of 75 to 200 years. Moreover, slate shingles enhance the value of your house and come in various designs to match the exteriors and interiors. Our experts passionately install slate roofing to help you become elite house roof owners.

Are you ready to install a well-made roof?

Want to book "Roofing Company Philadelphia"? You can call us right away or request to get a free quote. We are also providing gutter services and siding services. Besides, we offer additional roofing materials: metal roofing, composite roofing, plastic roofing, asphalt roofing, slate roofing, and rubber roofing. However, factors other than the material used are also important. Therefore, rolled roofing, corrugated roofing, flat roofing, gable roofing, all-weather roofing, underdeck roofing, and mobile-home roofing services are also available at Roofing Tops. Roofing Philadelphia structures require experienced professionals and quality material, and we offer the same.

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What We Do


Cedar Roofing

Build your roof with natural cedar wood shingles that have stability, aesthetics, and strength.

Copper Roofing

Make your roof last over 50 years with attractive and durable copper shingles.


Corrugated Roofing

Polish up your roof with sturdy and pretty corrugated roofing shingles.


Plastic Roofing

Protect your roof from UV radiations and make it last long with appealing plastic shingles.


Roofing and Gutters

Reinforce the foundation of your house with a practical roofing and gutter system.


Roofing Underlayment

Install an adequate roofing underlayment to protect the roof deck from harsh elements.

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