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Roofing Tops is an affordable and trustworthy roofing service provider in Philadelphia.

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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Your data gets collected by our business partners and us regarding your usage of our website through cookies. To assist websites in remembering you and the data you check, cookies are used as information files that are reserved on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Moreover, to help show the data that matches your preferences on our website, cookies are utilized. Most of the prominent websites operate with cookies.

What cookies are used on this Website:

The purpose for which our business partners and we use cookies on this website are extensively described into the following types:

Crucial – To deliver the services you ask for, we require the help of some cookies on our website. For example, a cookie is used when you are able to log in to your account or communicate between the browser and website. Besides, we have described our essential cookie preference cookie in the passage “How can I refuse or opt-out of accepting cookies?” You may not be allowed to visit or use our website in the absence of these cookies.

Analytics – To understand the ways our visitors engage with our website we take the help of analytics cookies. For example, recording the count of the visitors on our website or using a specific feature, instead of recording the total number of times the website or a feature is used. In the absence of this cookie, we would record you as three individual identities, if you checked our website once per week for three weeks. This would result in our incapability of analyzing the performance of our website and the ways to improve it.

User Cookies – To enhance your experience on our website, we take the help of the cookies to remember your preferences. For example, as we remember you we can serve you with the same content or remember you when you visit back to the website.

Social Sharing – To permit you to share content instantly on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ we take the assistance of third-party cookies. For example, to enable you to "like" or "tweet" about us or our products or services. You can check our "Third Party Cookies" passage below for more information.

Interest-Based Advertising – When you visit websites, you might notice adverts for products and services you may desire to purchase. Often, the cost of running the website is paid off with the help of showing third-party adverts on their websites and thus usually allows you to operate the website without paying a registration or usage price. The third-party cookies can be utilized to gather data about the kinds of items that make you satisfied. This ensures that you see only relevant adverts. For example, the information about the websites you check and the location that you live in is collected. However, possessing these cookies won't expand the number of adverts you will be displayed, but simply makes them more appropriate for you. You can check our "Third Party Cookies" passage below for more information.

How can I refuse or opt out of receiving cookies?

To refrain cookies from getting stored on your device, you can do the following things:

  1. Check your browser and discard the cookies from there. Most browsers will authorize you to discourage all or some cookies from being reserved on your computer in the future. You can utilize the "help" feature within your browser or visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/ to gain better knowledge about deleting or disabling cookies from your browser.
  2. However, please note that we can't constantly manage third-party cookies reserved on your computer from our website, and when this case applies, you shall visit the appropriate third party's website directly to control cookies stored on your device by them. You can check our "Third Party Cookies" passage below for more information.

Please Note: Disabling cookies can influence the functionality of this website.

Third-party cookies:

The third parties cookies are reserved in your device when you operate our website. A few of these cookies are described in the "What Cookies are used on this Website" section above. Third parties can scan cookies on your browser to gather data or to deliver content or promotions to you. We have no dominion over these cookies or how they utilize them. They are used to enable a third party to deliver a service to us, like analytics. You can check these cookies and the ways to disable them below:

  1. You can refrain from receiving Interest-Based Advertising cookies from a few third parties listed below by visiting Internet Advertising Bureau website at http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ and/or
  2. the third party’s respective privacy policy is listed below:

Third Party: ZenDesk

Kind of cookies:

  1. Crucial- Zendesk utilizes cookies to enable you to check the support pages.
    More details and a way to opt out: http://www.zendesk.com/company/privacy

Third Party: Google

Kind of cookies:

  1. Analytics - Google provides anonymized information about the total visits driven to our website.
  2. User - Google uses cookies to assist in protecting your privacy and aid in ensuring that your browsing activities stay secure.
  3. Social Sharing - Google also reserves cookies that permit the "Google +" social sharing functionality.
  4. Interest-Based Advertising - Google tools can gather information for the intention of interest-based advertising.

More details and a way to opt out: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/

Third-Party: Facebook

Kind of cookies:

  1. Social Sharing - Facebook reserves cookies that permit the Facebook "Like" social sharing feature but only when you press on the Facebook "Like" button on our website or log in through your Facebook account.
  2. More details and a way to opt out: http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/

Third-Party: Twitter

Kind of cookies:

  1. Social Sharing - Twitter reserves cookies that permit their social sharing features including the "Tweet" feature and to develop total usage data when you visit our website.
  2. More details and a way to opt-out: http://twitter.com/privacy

Third-Party: iPromote

Kind of cookies:

  1. Interest-Based Advertising - iPromote cookies gather information for the intention of interest-based advertisement.
  2. More details and a way to opt out: http://www.ipromote.com/privacy-policy/

To learn additionally the working of cookies and managing or deleting them, check the World Wide Web Consortium's website.

Please note that we may revamp this policy regularly, so please check it every time you visit our website.