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Composite roofing Philadelphia

Composite Roofing Philadelphia

If you’re wondering about the best type of material to use for your roofing, then consider composite tiles. The composite or synthetic shingles have an authentic blend of roofing materials like fiberglass, recycled paper products, and asphalt, which results in a high-quality product. Moreover, they are resistant to water, mold, algae, cracks, or fire. Therefore, the search of "composite roofing Philadelphia" can end with a sturdy roof.

Synthetic composite roofing doesn’t require the same maintenance as traditional roofing. It remains firm after installation and can last up to 20 to 50 years without repairs. Don’t be impressed just yet, as the composite roofing costs are very efficient. It may be costlier than asphalt shingles; however, we have the best deals for you.

Composite Roofing Philadelphia

Why choose Roofing Tops for Composite Roofing Philadelphia?

  • Durable: Composite or Synthetic Shingles are produced to withstand for a longer time. They can effortlessly outlive other roofing materials and make a strong roof. Besides, we’ll install the shingles in a well-structured manner on your top for an aesthetic appeal.
  • Satisfactory Warranties: Due to the precise blend of synthetic roof materials, composite roofing increases the house value and gives high warranties.
  • Excellent Resistance: Disrupts in the environment can agitate weak roofs. However, most synthetic shingles can resist winds up to 110 mph. Therefore, we advise you to choose it as they are also excellent at resisting fire and fading.

Therefore, Roofing Tops is the best search result for "composite roofing company Philadelphia". Now, if you wish to inquire about the composite roofing cost per square or the process of installation, we are a call away. You can contact us at (267) 817-8177 or email us at info@roofingtops.com to get your queries solved quickly. We take a guarantee of our team’s commitment and quality assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Composite Roofing Philadelphia


We provide our service in Philadelphia and any location within 100 miles. So we are a call away from you.

The elements that determine the cost of synthetic composite roofing are material, area, roof complexity, and installation. If you’re interested, call us and get your customized quote!

Yes, they’re a reliable green option for you to choose from. The composite roofing ingredients have many recycled roofing materials like industrial plastics and hemp fibers. Moreover, depending on the quality and cost, they can last 50 years.

Asphalt roofing is the first choice amongst Americans and composite second. Although they share some qualities, composite roofing proves to be lightweight, easy-to-install and has a more extended warranty. If you’re still confused, prefer contacting our roofing contractors for correct guidance.