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Solar Roofing Philadelphia

Solar Roofing Philadelphia

Philadelphia has emerged as a classic model of widespread solarization in America. 'Solarize Philly' is now the most extensive solarization campaign in the United States. No wonder all schools, colleges, and businesses are searching "solar roofing Philadelphia".

Roofing Tops' Solar Roofing brings you an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution to your home or work. The cost of installation has also dropped down by 70% in the last decade. Although solar Roofing may be a substantial expenditure, it pays you back in the form of savings on your power bill.

Solar Roofing Philadelphia

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  • Customer Support: Whether you need help before you engage with us or after the installation, we provide our customers with continuous help
  • Competitive Prices: Life is easy when you get the best quality products and services at reasonable prices.
  • Experienced Team: Our workforce has years of experience conducting a variety of roofing and maintenance projects. Whatever you need or want to know, we always have an answer.

Therefore, the search of "solar roofing company Philadelphia" is over with Roofing Tops. If you have further queries about solar roof costs and installation, contact us at (267) 817-8177 at any time. Besides, you can also email us at info@roofingtops.com to request a quote. Our team will reach out to you immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Solar Roofing Philadelphia


You can find our head office located in Philadelphia, and we offer our services throughout 'the city of brotherly love.'

Solar Roofing falls to the costlier side of the scale, but the long-term gains are irresistible. The cost may vary depending on the area covered by the panels, their photovoltaic capacities, the craft involved in constructing the roof and plugging the power system to it, amongst many others.

Solar Roofing takes more time, precision, and effort for installation. Also, solar panels are delicate equipment that needs extra care while handling. That's why we would advise against venturing out on your installation and leave it to the professionals to avoid accidents. You can reach our experts here:

You have to measure the total surface area of your roof, which can be different from your house's acreage. After that, take into account roof pitch, gables, and dormers. You can also use a roofing calculator or directly contact our roofing contractor to get a correct estimate of the solar roofing shingles price.