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10 Roofing Materials

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List of 10 Roofing Materials Every Homeowner Should Consider

When designing their dream house, everyone wants to use top-grade materials to ensure their home stands beautiful and strong for several years to come. However, a crucial part of homes that need more attention is the rooftops. While there is a wide range of roofing materials available in the market that offer excellent protection from natural elements, you must know about the unique features each one has to offer to ensure you use the best one suited to your geographical location.

Read on to understand our list of 10 roofing materials every homeowner should consider for their dream house.

Clay Tiles

Earthen clay is molded into tiles and shingles and baked in the fire to increase durability. With a natural orange luster, it proves to be an excellent roofing choice that offers excellent protection from the natural elements while adding an alluring touch to home designs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofings

Standing seam metal roofings are one of the most commonly used metal roofing systems. As the name suggests, aluminum or steel panels are interlocked and raised in the center using a standing seam to keep moisture, snow, dust, and similar harmful agents away.

Metal Shakes and Shingles

The other option available for installing metal roofing is metal shingles. For anyone that doesn’t approve of the appeal of standing metal seams, you can install the same material in a more creative layout using shingles and shakes that are cut from metal sheets.

Wood Shingles

Widely known for the incredible appeal they add to a home design, wood shingles are one of the best roofing materials to install on home rooftops. While it is a bit expensive and doesn’t last for too long, it is the best material for anyone planning to create a unique roof design.

Slate Roofing

If there is one material above the rest in all possible ways, it is slate. Therefore, it makes our favorite choice in our list of 10 roofing materials every homeowner should consider. Slate shingles used in roofing systems are cut from natural stone and feature an attractive natural finish. It guarantees an alluring appeal for your roofing system that is sure to last for at least 100 years. Besides, if you follow a proper maintenance routine, you can get more years out of this investment.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles are somewhat similar to clay tiles and have a similar method of installation while offering similar advantages. These tiles are made from the standard sand-concrete mix and are given a unique shade as per design requirements.

Rubber (Synthetic) Roofing

Rubber tiles or synthetic tiles are made by mixing engineered polymers with recycled plastic and rubber. It features a similar appeal as slate shingles and gives the roofing an incredible finish identical to the natural material. In addition to being much cheaper and lighter than slate shingles, synthetic tiles have a life expectancy of 50 years.

Eco-Friendly "Green" Roofing Systems

While moss growth on your walls and roofing is usually a bad sign, it can prove to be an excellent natural roofing material when planned as per requirements. The "green" roofing system involves the installation of a primary waterproof base layer and an adequate drainage system. Although the plants that will grow on your rooftop need some water, excess of the same can harm your walls and reduce its overall durability.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material; when we look at our list of 10 roofing materials, every homeowner should consider. You can easily spot asphalt on most rooftops in the US. Made from a blend of fiberglass, asphalt, and other mineral granules, it is an excellent all-around affordable choice with a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Built-up roofing (BUR) is arguably one of the best roofing systems to install on homes with flat roofs. The installation procedure involves layering the roofing with felt, followed by several layers of hot asphalt. In addition, a layer of finely crushed stone is embedded in hot tar throughout the rooftop to create an impenetrable layer of protection for your home.

Are you ready for a new roof?

Although our list of 10 roofing materials every homeowner should consider for their house covers superior materials, several other options are available in the market. Therefore, we advise you to list your requirements and conduct extensive research to find the best material for your home’s rooftop. Besides, if you need any help or have any queries, contact the various experienced professionals through their websites on the Internet and avail their expertise today!

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