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Roofing materials for warmer climates

roofing materials for warmer climate

10 best roofing materials for warmer climates

Seasons change, and it affects the roofs. So, like you change your attire during warmer climates, it's essential to update your roof as well. If you are in a city of United States like Philadelphia, you must consider adjusting your roof to the hot climate to prevent damages. However, it can be pretty challenging to choose a material that suits the shape and exteriors of your house. Therefore, continue reading this blog as we list the 10 best roofing materials for warmer climates.

10 best roof designs for hot climates

It would help if you refrained from considering the roof merely as a decorative structure. It's because the roof plays the most significant role in providing you with shelter and protection. Besides, specific materials and colors significantly affect the temperature of your house during different climates. Today, we will discuss the 10 best roofing materials for warmer climates.

1. Light in colour-Slate tile

Experts say they have built many roofs with slate as a roofing material in the United States. Slate roofing shingles comprise natural slate and other roofing materials. These shingles have proven themselves in terms of their longevity, aesthetics, and strength. Slate roofs also have a historical significance that increases your house's value. Besides, slate tiles that are light in color can cool down your home by reflecting heat away.

2. Roof Overlays

Overlaying is the process of installing a second set of shingles on an existing roof. Roofers don't carry out this method often. However, when the homeowners desire to cut their budget, they go over roof overlays. You can install asphalt shingles on your existing roof, and it will last for around 12-20 years. Moreover, additional unique materials and sprays reflect heat, such as elastomeric sealants, foam sprays, ceramic-based paints, and recycled waste cooking oil.

3. Radiant barriers

One of the best roof designs for hot climates is installing radiant barriers to the roof. Roofers mostly install these barriers in the attics to reduce cooling costs and summer heat. These barriers comprise highly reflective material that stops heat absorptions and carries out heat reflection. Aluminum is a suitable material for this roof design.

4. Terry Cotta and Clay

Roofers have been installing terra cotta and clay on the roofs in warmer climates for centuries. This material is highly famous in US and Spain. Moreover, it's strong enough to bear the brutal sun rays and prevents any wear and tear. The shape and color of these tiles effectively keep your house cool.

5. White metal roofing

The most chosen material after asphalt is metal. It's incredibly sturdy and gorgeous for roofs. Primarily, the roofer installs metal roofs to withstand the weight of snow and rainwater. However, white-colored metal roofs are excellent at cooling at night as it doesn't retain heat.

6. Light in color concrete tile

Concrete heats up very slowly, making it to the list of 10 best roofing materials for warmer climates. In addition, due to light color and reflective properties, concrete roofs provide ample protection from harsh sun rays.

7. Solar roofs

Here comes the most practical roof design for warmer climates, the solar-paneled roof. Solar roofs are highly effective in capturing sun heat and storing it as an energy source. It cuts your electric bills and enhances the value of your roof while keeping the temperature cool.

8. Rubber coated roofs

People don't usually use rubber to reflect heat away. However, when roofers install a white rubberized coating, it works well as a cooling agent. This material comprises rubber-like membranes and thermoplastic that experts suggest to be a robust and weather-resistant option.

9. Barrel Tile

Barrel tile is another of the best roof designs for hot climates and is similar to terry cotta because of its shape. It has an S shape that lets the air circulate underneath. Moreover, it comprises concrete, and roofers top it with a white coating. Thus, reflecting heat and maintaining cool temperature.

10. Green roofs

If you're searching for a radical home design for the hot climate, green roofing is the one. It's proven to provide a cooling layer that reduces the temperature of the roof and the surrounding environment. Besides, it's an eco-friendly option to go for your roof.

Did you choose amongst the best roof designs for hot climates?

If you reside in a region with warmer climates, you should consider taking care of your roof. When planning to update your roof, remember to check from our list of the 10 best roofing materials for warmer climates. If you can't decide, try contacting a good roofing company near your area. They'll guide your property and help build a roof for your needs.

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