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Rubber Roofing New York

Rubber Roofing New York

With global warming and other such problems on the rise, installing a good-quality roof becomes necessary. However, other factors also determine the right roofing system for your house. Therefore, one needs to analyze one’s roof before finalizing a roofing material closely. The area you live in, its weather, house measurements, and more are some of the things you need to be considerate about.

Out of so many options available in the market, the rubber roofing system is vastly famous, especially in significant parts of the USA. But before you make up your mind, here are some essential aspects about Rubber roofing New York. The ultimate USP of rubber roofs is flexibility because homeowners choose them for commercial, residential, and short-term purposes.

Rubber Roofing New York

Pros of installing Rubber Roofing System

A rubber roof brings with it various unique advantages. Here are the top reasons why you should contact rubber roofing contractors New York.

  • Multiple varieties: The rubber roofing system doesn’t limit you to just one material. You can choose from TPO, EPDM, or PVC membranes. There are various colors available for you. Using light-colored rubber membranes is recommended in regions with higher temperatures.
  • Weather and impact resistance: The rubber is highly flexible, making it impact-resistant. The strength of rubber membranes helps them withstand extreme weather conditions. It gives the roof a long life with minimum damage.
  • Eco-friendly: Rubber is a natural material, and all the rubber membranes or shingles used in the industry are derived from recycled tires and other products. It reduces environmental hazards to a great extent.
  • Long life: Rubber membranes are durable; whether you live in a region with frigid winters or severely hot summers, rubber roofs always last long. They have an estimated life of about 40 years when maintained with care.

Why choose Roofing Tops for rubber roofing?

A reliable and trusted roofing contractor understands that your house is not a piece of property to you; it’s an emotion. It is the motto of Roofing Tops, and we deliver the best roofing services in various areas in the US. Here’s why you should hire Roofing Tops for rubber roofing services New York.

  • Highest Quality Material: Admit it; your roof is going to be with you for a long time. For an efficient and enhanced roofing experience, Roofing Tops uses shingles and membranes of the highest quality. We don’t compromise with efficiency, which is one of the many reasons behind their popularity.
  • Reasonable Price: A roofing system may cost a lot of money. It can be expensive, from detaching and dumping the old roof to buying and installing the new material. However, we offer services at very nominal prices.
  • Experts at work: Roofing Tops has a team of experts proficient with roofing work. They are highly skilled and deliver work right on time.
  • Wide variety: We will offer you multiple options to choose from for your roof. You can select from wood, rubber, asphalt, slate, and the list goes on. Whatever your requirement is, we have it covered.

Therefore, Roofing Tops is the best result for the search of "rubber roofing company New York". For further queries about rubber roofing costs and installation procedures, you can freely call our customer support (267) 817-8177 at any time. Also, you can always email us at info@roofingtops.com to get your questions answered immediately. Our team is very committed to providing you with expert assistance.

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Frequently asked questions | Rubber roofing New York


The price of rubber roofing depends on location, roof measurements, etc. You can call on (267) 817-8177 for a price quote from rubber roofing Specialists New York.

Yes, rubber membranes can be installed on any roof, flat or highly sloped. As a result, you can easily use these roofing systems for commercial and residential purposes.

As long as you take good care of rubber roofs, the chances of leakage remain negligible. Rubber is a solid and durable material, and these roofs require less maintenance.

Rubber roofs have a long life because of being weather and impact-resistant. You can contact a trusted rubber roofing company New York like Roofing Tops for more help.