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Roofing Tops is an affordable and trustworthy roofing service provider in New York City.

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What We Do


Cedar Roofing

Build your roof with natural cedar wood shingles that have stability, aesthetics, and strength.

Copper Roofing

Make your roof last over 50 years with attractive and durable copper shingles.


Corrugated Roofing

Polish up your roof with sturdy and pretty corrugated roofing shingles.


Plastic Roofing

Protect your roof from UV radiations and make it last long with appealing plastic shingles.


Commercial Roofing

Let your commercial roof be strong enough to bear extreme weather conditions and appeal the eyes of every visitor.


Slate Roofing

Improve the condition of your roof with one of the premium roofing materials, slate shingles.


Solar Roofing

Strengthen your roof with energy-efficient solar panel shingles that also look pretty.


Roofing Repairs

Maintain the well-being of your roof by regularly repairing and revamping it.

asphalt roofing services

Asphalt Roofing

Enhance your rooftop with sturdy, affordable, popular, and aesthetic asphalt shingles.


Metal Roofing

Choose the metal roof shingles that have high resistance, impermeability, longevity, and styles.


Rubber Roofing

Reduce roof leakage and strengthen the sealing with eco-friendly rubber shingles.


Mobile Home Roofing

Upgrade the personality and life of your mobile home roof with modern materials and techniques at an affordable rate.